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Why Yorkshire Fertility is better by far...

Welcome to September a new month that starts a new way of working here at Yorkshire Fertility!

Our Virtual clinics are now up and running - hurray! meaning its no longer always necessary to travel for your appointment and go through the rigmarole of traffic and parking and furthermore, to satisfying yourself with yet another costa coffee!

We are always looking for ways to improve the way we work and make your experience a better one, we believe our virtual clinics will be of great benefit to you and will enhance your experience with us.  Read more about our virtual clinics here.

So how else are we improving?  As you know over the last two years we have undergone expansion and have increased our geographical reach meaning our service users can access our care across Yorkshire and beyond.   By increasing our clinics in new locations we are able to offer you individualised care that is closer to home.  We remain the same dedicated team with access to services including a specialised male azoospermia clinic, an independent counselling service, andrology lab with local Surgical Sperm Retrieval (SSR), a specialist dietitian, as well as links with gynaecology, radiology, phlebotomy and more.


For over 20 years we have worked with with Leeds Fertility and CARE Manchester.  Since expanding our service we now have successful working partnerships with CARE Sheffield, Manchester Fertility and IVI meaning that you have more choice of where to go for your registered fertility treatment.  

Our service standards are available for all patients to read at their first appointment and also here on our website.

So what about the future?

Yorkshire Fertility hopes to continue to grow  by providing fertility care in patients’ locality true to its core values. We will continue to look to work in partnerships with other organisations to spread the philosophy of local fertility services and with your help and feedback we aim to further develop assisted conception services.

Please help us improve our services by leaving us your feedback here.

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