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Virtual Patient Consultations

What a great time to be involved in technology!

Helen Marvell using Jabber Guest

How would you like to have your next clinic appointment from the comfort of your own home, office or private location?

From the 1st September we will be offering ‘virtual’ appointments which will be no different to a normal consultation except you don’t need to attend the clinic! You simply call in for your consultation with the doctor or nurse specialist at the time of your scheduled appointment.

Imagine the time you will save, along with the stress of traffic, parking and of course taking time off work, or from your family.  In fact your location doesn’t matter as long as you have a device with a strong internet connection.  You could be at work (depending on where you work)  at home, in the garden, on a beach somewhere…

The technical side

This service uses cutting edge technology, Cisco Jabber Guest ™ and has a virtual waiting area.  You will have the same dedicated face to face conversation as if you were in the consultation room via our ultra HD dedicated virtual conferencing units.  Well thats it, thats all you need to know.  The rest of the technicalities can be left to us, we’ve made it ever so simple for you.

If your appointment requires no physical intervention then this new service will be offered to you when you attend clinic, and if you choose, you can use it again and again, where your consultant feels it appropriate.

What we ask from you

All we ask is that you let us know what you think!  Please remember to feed back to us so that we can continue to improve the way we work and therefore improve your experience.



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