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Live question & answer sessions with Martin DeBono:

Next session Thursday 5th November 12pm.

In order to respond to any concerns around fertility care and treatment due to the coronavirus pandemic Yorkshire Fertility have set up a fortnightly Q&A session which is held online using Microsoft Teams.  This is a live event where you will be able to type in your questions during a half hour period.

If you would like to join the session simply register your details to receive an invite.  You will have the option of posting questions anonymously, and your name and details will not be seen by other attendees.


Friday 24th July 2020

Since the approval of the phased recommencement of our services at Yorkshire Fertility we have been working hard to coordinate the restart of some treatment cycles whilst ensuring the safety of our patients, staff and members of the public.

Understandably, our last service update prompted many patient enquiries, and our staff have been doing their upmost to advise patients appropriately. The recommencement of services will be done slowly and carefully, reducing patient attendance in hospital, and minimising the impact on supporting services. 

In order to help you to understand what this means for you and your treatment, please use the summary below:

We have been making contact with all patients to start planning their cycle restart as soon as possible, and explaining the revised process.

We have started to contact these patients in order of when their consents were signed, to start planning recommencement of the cycle. There will be a process prior to restart, including a review of the plan, consents, screening and planning. We appreciate the frustrations of not being able to start straight away, but due to new processes required due to COVID19 the capacity of the central units is restricted and therefore requires careful planning.

Once we have planned treatments for those patients who were cancelled mid-treatment (as detailed above), we will start to contact patients who had a paperwork appointment cancelled due to Covid19. The process of consenting will be slightly different, and we will plan a virtual appointment to provide all of the information prior to consenting, and answer any questions you may have. This will be followed up by a shorter face to face appointment to sign the documents and arrange any tests required. Our intention will be to plan your treatment cycle at the soonest opportunity after consenting.

Only after managing all of the above patients can we start to offer availability to anyone waiting to sign consents prior to treatments. This will be managed in time order, with those waiting the longest being offered an appointment first. The consents are arranged with the intention of starting the treatment soon after.

 This includes letrozole, clomid, tamoxifen, natural cycle tracking and ovulation induction.

We are now able to re commence the ovarian cycle tracking for ovulation induction patients. This will be in time order and you will be contacted when we are ready for you to start.

You will need a telephone review by the doctor to ensure that you are still suitable for treatment

There are a limited number of spaces each month to ensure both staff and patient safety.

If you require ultrasound scans for your first month of treatment Please ensure that you inform staff of any planned holidays so that they can make sure it is appropriate for you to start.

Some investigations such as blood tests or sperm tests or procedures such as hysterosalpingograms are being arranged now, with careful planning. If you know that you are awaiting a test, you may wish to contact the unit to discuss this further. 

Our outreach clinics in Dewsbury, Pinderfields and Bradford are still on hold, all ‘follow up’ appointments being arranged as a telephone consultation from Calderdale Royal Hospital. Also, access to tests and investigations in these areas remain restricted in line with local policies. 

Initial consultations with newly referred patients cannot be reinstated at this time. We understand the disappointment this will cause, but we will contact anyone who had an appointment cancelled due to Covid19 as soon as we are able. This is not in the first phase of reopening, and unfortunately we do not have any timescales for restarting the referral process at this stage. 

We offer the above information with the hope of clarifying our current position in the early stages of reopening. Our dedicated staff are working tirelessly to advised you to the best of their ability with new processes and clinical requirements. There are often scenarios or situations that may require further information and we thank you for your patience as we manage these situations.

What our patients have said about our live Q & A Sessions

“Thank you.  I really appreciate this session.  It helps me feel that we are not forgotten.”

“I just want to say thank you for answering our questions in so much detail.  It is really reassuring and helpful at this uncertain time.  Thank you all and stay safe.”

“Thank you for continuing with the Q&A sessions, they are really useful and it’s great to touch base with you every week.”

“Thank you so much for giving your time to answer questions it provides such reassurance.”

“Thank you. You are all amazing as usual.”

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